Procurement of insurance

Our wide experience range in industrial risks within the world of insurance broker allows us to offer a comprehensive service so as to arrange the coverages bestowed by the different sectors to the real needs, both of the small and medium-sized enterprises and of the individuals (i.e., the natural persons).

Personalized recruitment service

For the correct development of our work, we count with a large number of professionals, placing us between the insurance brokerage with the lowest ratio of brokered premiums per employee. This last point enables us to provide a fully customized and flexible service for each of our clients, regardless of the amount of hired premiums with our intervention.

The procedure is as follows:

  • Technical analysis of the risks and consequently, of our clients’ insurance requirements.
  • An insurance program writing which covers all the coverages.
  • Solicitation of offers to the different companies (previously selected for their solvency, capacity, and specialization).
  • Presentation of the offers to the customer so as to select the best cost-market coverage.
  • Implementation of the insurance program.

These are some of the insurances which are part of the insurance program:

  • Material damage in all its aspects
  • Consequential losses
  • Damages to third parties, General liability
  • Commercial loans
  • Environmental damages
  • Pension schemes
  • Motor insurance
  • Personal, individual, and group insurance (life, claims, health, time off sick, home…)
  • Legal defense