Insurance audit

An insurance audit’s goal is to be knowledgeable of both your business needs and your current situation. In one word, it controls for what you are paying. If our work pleases you, we will become your insurance consultant, and what it is probably more relevant, your claims consultant.

Insurance program

We analyze your insurance program, and at no additional cost, we prepare you a comprehensive audit of your situation:

  • Which are the insurance that your business has hired
  • Which are the things that can be improved
  • Which coverages are necessary and which are unnecessary or dispensable
  • Which are the risks that your business is running and which are the ones that are not covered

In the realization of this audit, we will analyze your productive processes, get to know your facilities, resolve your insurance requirements, and act as consultants to prevent claims (these last ones being both of damages to selves and damages to third parties), and furthermore we will inform you about everything without it costing you anything.