Consultoría Ortega Azagra


​in enterprise risk management


We advise on the prevention and management of legal and business risks for our clients.

From the consulting area we manage all those risks that cannot be externalized to an insurance policy. Our objective is that our clients can know and control all the risks they assume to carry out their activity in the best possible way.



The outsourcing of the delegated Risk Management function includes, depending on the needs and interests of each organization:

  • Advice on the insurance program.
  • Facility inspection visits to identify on-site risks.
  • Monitoring and internal audit of the compliance program.
  • Supervision of compliance with personal data protection.
  • Externalization of the complaints channel.
  • Continuous advice on risk management


Having identified all the possible threats to our business is the first step in effective management of future contingencies.
Through this service and after delimiting the universe of risks affecting the organization, we identify and analyze the risks to try to know the circumstances that would cause them, as well as their probability and impact of occurrence (design of heat maps and risk GAPs). and controls).


The only way to manage the criminal risk of companies and avoid large penalties is to have a Compliance Program.

Our services include:

  • Implementation of the Compliance Program.
  • Advice on the configuration of a corporate criminal risk matrix.
  • Ongoing advice on compliance matters to the compliance body.
  • Support in the monitoring and internal audit of the implemented Compliance Program.
  • Adaptation of the Program to the requirements of a Compliance Management System to qualify for the current ISO/UNE certifications.


We have our own platform designed to meet the legal requirements regarding the communication of internal business irregularities.

Our Online Ethical Reporting Channel©:

  • It guarantees the confidentiality of complaints and the anonymity of the reporting users.
  • This is a secure, anonymous and easy-to-use reporting line to report irregular conduct and thus comply with current regulations that require companies with 50 or more employees to have these channels (EU Directive 2019/1937, on the protection of complainants).


Our team of lawyers offers support to the receiving and managing body of the complaints in their treatment and dialogue with the people involved, to guarantee compliance with the legal requirements and the proper completion of the investigations. We also provide advice on the configuration of a procedure to complaints management, which regulates decision-making throughout the process.


We advise you on the implementation of an appropriate management framework regarding information privacy, to minimize the probability of incurring heavy administrative sanctions.

  • We monitor the personal data protection program implemented.
  • We support the data protection officer in the development of their functions.
  • We supervise compliance with current regulations.
  • We propose action plans that must be addressed in the continuous search for system improvement.


Given the new legal obligations regarding equal treatment between men and women in the work environment, we provide the following services:

  • We advise organizations in the design and implementation of equality plans (mandatory for companies with 50 or more employees).
  • We set the objectives, strategies and practices to be adopted to achieve them, as well as the establishment of effective systems for monitoring and evaluating their degree of achievement.
  • We train the equality commission in the fulfillment of its functions.
  • We carry out a diagnosis or starting situation and provide support in disseminating the Plan to the entire workforce.


Corporate Social Responsibility aims to manage organizations by focusing on social, economic and environmental improvement. The new European and national strategies seek sustainable business growth and require reporting on our social and environmental impacts. We advise our clients on the preparation of non-financial reports, responsible management reports, design of codes of conduct, strategic plans in social responsibility, etc


Money laundering is a crime highly pursued by authorities that directly affects business activities and the financial health of our society. Our money laundering prevention consulting service focuses on offering personalized solutions to organizations affected by these regulations:

  • Update or implementation of internal procedures manuals.
  • External expert examinations.
  • Advice on money laundering prevention.


If your organization maintains electronic customer records, or sells products over the Internet, or has a website that does not comply with the best security practices, or your USBs, mobile phones, laptops and other corporate resources are susceptible to being stolen. then, a breach of the systems that contain said personal or commercial information can be expensive. With this service we seek:

  • Identify the critical points of the business.
  • Define responses to incidents.
  • And the implementation of action plans.


This service is aimed at all those companies included in the current regulations on environmental responsibility and those others that want to prevent their environmental risks. We identify, prevent and manage the environmental risks of business activity in accordance with the applicable regulatory requirements and calculate the financial guarantee that the companies affected by the Law must constitute.


We design and deliver training plans tailored to the needs of our clients in any of our areas of specialty, in the area of business legal risk consulting or risks that can be outsourced to the insurance market.